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It's Me, Hi

Hey! Hi! Welcome! If you’re here then you wanna read about me and my small business… which is wild to me haha.

I have been wanting to connect with y’all more and figured, what the heck, I’ll start a blog and see if anyone will read it. I will be posting about my adventures as a small business owner, graduate student, and girl in her twenties who has absolutely no freaking clue what she’s doing.

So, allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Blythe (here is an entertaining YouTube video on how to pronounce → )((LOL)). A lot of people ask where the name came from and expect a super cool story, but my parents honestly just liked the sound of it 🤷🏼‍♀️. It means “happy and carefree”, which I think is pretty cool.

I’m 23, so I am slowly… and I mean slowly… figuring out how to be an adult. Seriously, who am I? I don’t know. I still text my mom my pretty pictures of my art, and my dad still changes my oil, but I don’t see this ever changing.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Architecture. It’s pretty badass of me to be honest. Only 23% of architects in the USA are women, but I foresee that changing.

I’m currently getting my Masters of Architecture, then I will have to take a bunch of tests to get licensed, then I will be an ARCHITECT. Again, badass.

I love architecture. Buildings and design were my first loves. It just got so draining being graded on all my creative works at school, so I started DBB. I handletter and doodle inspiring quotes and sometimes take my own advice. It’s honestly so cool seeing how much my business has grown. I’ll post about that soon I’m sure.

I also love to read (my goodreads page is popping off), watch movies, play guitar, and travel!!

Ta-ta for now, and thanks for reading!


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1 Comment

Adrian Amaiz
Adrian Amaiz
Feb 08, 2023

i will be waiting for more i like the way you write is pretty cool 👏👏🙌

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