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a year supply of chips?

Soooo let’s talk about the million dollar question: brand deals. Influencers get tons of free stuff– how do they do it? I’m here to tell you but tbh I still DEFINITELY consider myself a novice in the influencer realm.

Let’s go back to the beginning of my journey. I started posting little doodles of my friends on my instagram… like a TON of drawings, and they weren’t very good lol. Eventually I found my style and started drawing more than just people. I’d actually started out by digitally tracing photographs I’d find on Pinterest which is a GREAT way to practice when you have no idea how to draw haha

Eventually I started drawing products!! If you know me, you know I LOVE Salt and Vinegar chips. So, I drew a bag and tagged Kettle Chips. They ended up seeing the post, reposting, and DM’ed me asking my address so that they could send me some chips!! This was the first thing like this to happen to me so I was really excited.

A couple more things like this happened to me after other brands saw that I had worked with a brand as big as Kettle. The HUGE brand I got to work with was the D’Amelio Show on Hulu. Y’ALL. Imagine my face when I open my email to work on a project for the freaking D’Amelio’s. That was the first time I got PAID by a brand. I really was cool with some free stuff, but as an artist it is IMPERATIVE that you know your worth! I felt like such a boss negotiating payment!

I’ve also gotten to have my own page with CASETiFY (shop my cases! Shop name is Designed by Blythe), which I earn commissions from! Other brands have been kind enough to send me products to review every once and awhile, but I only agree to this if I think it would genuinely be beneficial for you guys to hear about!

It’s important to research the companies you’re working with. Your followers are following you for YOU, not because they want ads all the time. So this means that even if you like the company that’s reaching out to you, you might have to pass it up if it doesn’t fit your niche. No one wants to follow a bot!!

Honestly as an artist I care more about commissions, but reviewing products as brand deals is genuinely such a fun side of it that I LOVE to learn about. Seriously, I’m so nosey.

I also get a TON of emails from influencers asking me for free product– maybe I’ll give some tips on that in a later post!

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